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Ryan Whitley

Senior Pastor

Buck Poole

Minister of Missions & Senior Adults
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Corey Sizemore

Minister of Recreation
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Abi Ebeyer

Student Ministry Associate - Girls
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Layne Ferguson

Minister of Preschool & Children
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Summer Birchfield

Preschool Ministry Assistant
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Pam Cottingham

Pastor Assistant

Brian Harris

Executive Pastor

Chris Howell

Minister of Adults
Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Minister of Students
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Austin Sandford

Student Ministry Associate - Worship

Lauren Sonntag

Associate Minister of Children
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Rebekah Caudill

Children Ministry Associate
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Heather Hunsberger

Administrative Assistant

Bryan Haskins

Minister of Worship & Media
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Jennifer Burks

Minister of Families
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Preston Smith

Associate Minister of Students
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Jacey Grace Clark

Student Ministry Associate - Media

Taylor Earley

Associate Minister of Preschool
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Sharon Tapscott

Finance & Office Manager

Randy Beasley

Facilities Coordinator