Trusting God to Plant a Church in Germany

“Ryan, I trust God 100% of the time,” was ringing in my ears when I listened to

Taylor and Lydia Whitley share their vision to plant a church in Germany last

weekend at CrossPoint.


The need is real.  Christian belief is on the decline in post-modern Europe.

The vision is clear.  They desire to reach the nations for Christ as they train in the

city of Bremen.


The partnership is great.  They are asking CrossPoint to support them prayerfully

and financially.


The prospect is precarious, though.  They must trust God 100% of the time.  It will


be impossible for them to do this in their own understanding or strength.


That is where you step in to help.


Thank you, CrossPoint, for helping Taylor and Lydia to trust God 100% of the time as they plant a church in Germany.


They are thankful for your prayerful support.  They are equally thankful for your financial provision.


Your Missions Team will soon be announcing how we will financially support them.  That is why it is so important for all of us to continue to contribute to the Missions Stream.


Vonda and I have made a personal commitment to support their vision by giving to the existing “Whitley Germany Mission” restricted account. If you desire to do the same thing we ask that any gifts given to the vision of planting a church in Europe be given in addition to your weekly tithes and offerings.