WOW Series 2023

The Bible Stories of Jesus

May 3

Craig Etheredge

Senior Pastor | CrossCreek Church

For many of us, our first exposure to the Scriptures came in the great stories of the Bible. Whether Noah and his ark or David and his sling, these stories captured our imaginations and introduced us to our God. This was true in Jesus’ ministry as well. As a travelling Rabbi, Jesus used the stories of the Old Testament to engage His listeners and teach them about God and His Kingdom. Just as we tell our children of Moses and Jonah, so did Jesus use these grand stories from the past to connect with His followers on familiar ground. In this study, we will look at how Jesus used Bible stories to warn, to teach and to preach His gospel.

May 10

In the Days of Noah and Lot

Matthew 24 & Luke 17

May 17

Moses & the Burning Bush

Mark 12 & Luke 20

May 24

Moses & the Heavenly Bread

John 6

May 31

Moses & the Bronze Serpent

John 3

June 7

The Teaching of Balaam & Balak

Revelation 2

June 14

David & the Holy Bread

Matthew 12, Mark 2, & Luke 6

June 21

Something Greater than Jonah

Matthew 12 & Luke 11

June 28

CrossPoint Baron’s Game