glorifying GOD by reaching

just ONE more

to become a fully devoted follower of JESUS CHRIST

Theological Boot Camp



CrossPoint exist to glorify God by reaching JUST ONE MORE to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.


The purpose of CrossPoint’s Theological Boot Camp is to make disciples of men.

Course Description

The purpose of this course is to give men the tools, training, discipline and experience necessary to be a disciple in Christ and to make disciples for Christ.


  1. Boot camp recruits will develop a basic understanding of theological and practical elements involved in disciple making.
  2. Boot camp recruits will mentor one another as they share in prayer, fellowship, Bible study and small group discussion.
  3. Boot camp recruits will learn how to use their theological training at home, at work and at CrossPoint.
  4. Boot camp recruits will value theological training as part of the disciple-making mission of CrossPoint.


This course will be composed of biblical lessons and discussions, periodic evaluation, small group activities and accountability, and the personal involvement of personal disciple making.


1.  BIBLE.  Boot Camp Recruits will complete assigned readings of the Bible according to the course requirements and schedule in this syllabus.

2.  PARTICIPATION. Although it should go without saying, all recruits are expected to attend and participate in each of the 8 classes.  With that in mind, Boot Camp Recruits are allowed to miss only 1 of the 8 weekly classes.  Any recruit missing more than one class will be required to drop the class, and enroll the next time the class is offered. 

3.  REFLECTIONS. Students will write one reflection paper from a class discussion during the semester. The reflection should be type written and no more than one page in length, single-space.  The purpose of the reflection paper is for the student to articulate what he is learning during the semester.  The reflection paper is due on OCTOBER 12.

4.  MEMORIZATION.  Boot Camp Recruits will memorize Psalm 96 during the semester.

Class Schedule

5:00 A.M. Fellowship

5:30 A.M. Discipleship Development

6:15 A.M. Q & A

6:30 A.M. Dismiss

Course Schedule


31              Prologue: The Bible As A Grand Story

                           Bible Reading: Genesis 1 & 2


7                Act I: God Creates the Heavens and the Earth

                           Bible Reading: Genesis 3 – 11

14              Act II: Man Rebels Against God & Steals His Glory

                           Bible Reading: Genesis 12 – 22

21              Act III: God Initiates Redemption

                           Bible Reading: Galatians 4

28              Interlude: The Intertestamental Period

                           Bible Reading: Matthew 1 – 4; Luke 1 – 4


5                No Class

12              Act IV: God Accomplishes Redemption

                           Bible Reading: Acts 1 – 8

                           REFLECTION PAPER DUE

19              Act V: God Gives Birth to the Church

                           Bible Reading: The Book of Revelation

26              Act VI: God Completes Redemption


The CrossPoint Process
  • GOD

    through Jesus Christ.


    in a small Bible study group.


    through identifying your ministry and mission