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Upcoming CrossPoint Events


CrossPoint Wednesday Night Activities Canceled Tonight

Due to the threat of severe weather this afternoon, CrossPoint has canceled all regular Wednesday night activities.  The church offices and the Point will close at 3:00 PM.  Thanks for your flexibility…be safe!


Maundy Thursday 7:00 PM

CrossPoint uses the Maundy Thursday Service to REMEMBER our covenant relationship with God through the Lord’s Supper and to prepare us to REJOICE in His resurrection on Resurrection Sunday.

The Maundy Thursday service gets its name from the Latin phrase mandatum novarum (“a new commandment”, from John 13:34), which was translated into French mande.   It is also known as Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, or Great and Holy Thursday.

The traditional and historical meanings of the Maundy Thursday service are multifaceted, and help us remember the significance of the day.  It marks the remembrance of the woman who risked shame and ridicule in order to anoint Jesus with her costly perfume.  It marks the giving of the new commandment of love, a commandment given in the context of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet.  It marks Jesus’ example that all who are called to follow Him in discipleship are called to become servants.  It marks the institution of the Lord’s Supper, Jesus’ final meal with his disciples; and it marks Jesus’ betrayal by Judas and Peter’s later denial of our Lord. 



Good Friday

Office Closed


Resurrection Day

Sunday Worship Schedule:

7:45 AM, 9:15 AM & 10:45 AM


Children's Musical

Spring Choir Children's Musical in Worship Center 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


D101 4/30/2017

Discovery 101 - Discovering Membership is the initial study offered by CrossPoint CPU and is the only study conducted monthly during the 10:45 AM Worship service. Attendees are guest of the church and will be served lunch after the third worship. Child care is provided.

This Study is taught by the Pastor and Staff and covers the Vision, Mission Statement, and purpose of CrossPoint. This study is required for admission as a member of CrossPoint and is the second in the three part process of becoming a CrossPointer.

If you have questions, please ask any Staff member, call the Office during business hours, inquire of the Sunday School leadership, Deacons, etc. and/or ask for information from Guest Services located at the Information desk on the main concourse of the Worship Center.

To reserve your place in the next Discovery 101, email us by CLICKING HERE.



Training will meet in C207 Children's Room

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

The CrossPoint Process
  • GOD

    through Jesus Christ.


    in a small Bible study group.


    through identifying your ministry and mission